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 Approx.  Quantity  Standard Price /100pcs  Reduced Price /100pcs
 Alpine Clip









 3/4" Beastee  Dee




 Bottom Pad

 Black  5393pcs  $0.1557/ea
 Bungee Cord  Hook w/o  tongue

 Black  7856pcs  $0.34/ea  $0.18/ea
 2" Cam -  P1220

 3/4" Cam -  P1008



 Cell Phone  Clip

 Black  400pcs  $0.1660/ea  $0.08/ea
 Centerpush  Buckle  (25mm)

 Black  1185pcs


 1.5"  Contoured  Loop

 Beige  3456pcs  $0.095/ea  $0.05/ea
 Cord Lock -  Coffee Cup  w/loop

 Black  4546pcs  $0.2249/ea  $0.11/ea
 Cord Lock -  Comma

 Black  5495pcs  $0.16/ea  $0.08/ea
 Cord Lock -

 Black  27,171pcs  $0.169/ea  $0.08/ea
 Cord Lord -  King

 P7397 -  Housing

 P7396 -  Spring  Pull








 Cord Lord

 P7294 -  Housing

 P7293 -  Spring  Pull








 Cord Tugger -  folding

 Black  9024pcs  $0.0513/ea  $0.03/ea
    3/4" Daddy  Buckle(M)

 3/4" Daddy  Buckle(F)


 $0.4925/set  $0.25/set
    Hydration Clip
 Black  671pcs  $0.4681/ea  $0.23/ea
    3/8" Lanyard  Breakaway -  Base
 P7630(M) -  P7631(F)

(*needs cover -  P7632)
 Black  380pcs
    1/2" Lanyard -  Base
 Black  1193pcs  $0.4534/ea  $0.23/ea

 3/4" Lanyard -  Universal











    3/4" Lanyard -  Cover/Base











 5/8" Lanyard -  Universal











 Lanyard  Swivel  Hook






 1" Lashtab -
 2 Slot

 Black  elastomer  2171pcs  $38.32/ea


 Lashtab -
 4 Slot

 Black  elastomer  2116pcs  $0.2354/ea


 1" Lashtab -
 Black  13,768pcs  $0.3399/ea


 Minimee  Connector











 1" Oblio Belt  Buckle

 Black  3410pcs  $0.2604/ea


 1.25" Oblio  Belt  Buckle

 Black  908pcs  $0.2694/ea


 Posi-grip  Hook  w/o  tongue

 Black  10,106pcs  $0.3669/ea  $0.18/ea
 Quik Attach  Cargo Hook

 Black  701pcs  $0.2114/ea  $0.11/ea
 1.5" Rectangle  Shoulder Pad

 Black  990pcs  $0.3926/ea  $0.196/ea
 1" Rock  Lockster (M)

 *mates with  P7695(F) -  metal
 Black  686pcs  $0.2596/ea  $0.13/ea

 1" SR buckle

 3/4" SR  buckle







 1.25" Sewable  Loop

 Black  3000pcs  $0.0845/ea  $0.04/ea
 1/2" Sliplock

 Black  2558pcs  $0.0369/ea  $0.02/ea
 3/4" Sliplock -  Wide Mouth

 Black  898pcs  $0.1136/ea  $0.06/ea

 2" Sliplock






 2" Sliplock






 2" Sliplock






 2" Sliplock






 2" Sliplock





 1½"    Snaphook  Loop  Black  1900pcs  $6.79/ea  $3.39/ea
 1" Snaphook  Loop  Black  3727pcs  $6.79/ea  $3.39/ea
 1/2" Snaphook

 Black  6246pcs  $0.129/ea  $0.05/ea
 1½" Snaphook  Retainer  Black  1540pcs  $7.14/ea  $3.57/ea
 2" Snaphook  &  Retainer



 $19.37/ea  $9.68/ea
 3/4" Split  Loop

 Black  4479pcs  $0.0659/ea  $0.03/ea
 ¾" Square  Ring  Black  1777pcs  $.0474/ea  $.0237.ea
 ¾" Square  Ring

 Black  5891pcs  $0.0377/ea  $0.02/ea

 1 1/4" Stealth  Buckle - Sgl.  Adj. - Side  Squeeze

 DFA003DA (M)
 DMA003KA (F)










 1" Strap  Attacher





 3/4"  Streamline  (male only)-  P5889

 (*mates with  P5890 - in  stock)

 Black  9595pcs  $.1702/ea


 1.5"  Streamline











 ¾"  Tensionlock





 1"  Tensionlock  H/D






 3/4"  Tensionlock  - Duckbill  Single  Bar






 1.5" Triangle






 1.25" Uniloop






 1" Wafer Clip











 Zip Clip -  Folding


 Dusty  Gray




 Zip Clip -  Hook


(*mates with  P5938)





 Zipper Pull






 Zipper Pull -






 White Zipper  Slider  (large)  White  (yellowed)  100  $10.00  $5.00
 25CF DFWD  N  71001  Silver  113  $4.50  $2.25
 10CF DFLS –  LARGE  Black  700  $51.00  $25.50
 5CN DAE  75000- 580  Black  3256  $9.50  $4.75
 5CN DALE  75050-580  Black  2180  $14.00  $7.00
 25 CF DFLE  71050-580  Black  964  $5.00  $2.50
 CNFMC 56  5/8  26" Dual  Slider  Non- separating #5  Black  50  $1.02/EA.  $0.51/EA.
 CNFMC 56  5/8  24" Dual  Slider  Non- separating #5  Black  100  $1.00/EA.  $0.50/EA.
 CNFC 56L  5/8  8"  Non- separating #5  Black  400  $0.80/EA.  $0.40/EA.

** all plastic hardware is from Asia and is molded in acetal

** buckles come m/f assembled together – prices include both sides of buckle

** minimums of 100 pieces unless otherwise marked; no returns on discount product

** Additional 10% discount on any item when the whole lot is purchased